Have you tried to help your voice recover after a challenging singing performance?

Have you ever been told that you “can’t sing”?

Have you tried to stay silent, not sing, and open your heart to singing because you believe that you don’t have a beautiful voice?

Do you think that you are a “difficult case”?

Has your voice ever been labeled as “problematic,” “challenging,” “ugly,”  “or off-tune,” and all these nasty labels have prevented you from singing?

Do you feel like “pushing” your voice or putting too much effort into singing or speaking?

Do you feel the need to relax and soothe your voice, body, and mind?

Are you in the process of discovering the true healing properties of your voice?

Have you thought of offering your voice and body a relaxing voice “spa”?

Would you like to improve your voice in safe and empowering ways?

Have you been told the lie that your voice cannot improve?

No matter if you are a beginner who wants to discover what secrets your voice holds for you, a singing student who wants to add some extra tools for safe singing, or a professional singer who needs a soothing and relaxing voice “massage” for recovery between your performances and challenging singing tasks…

VoiceRecovery will help you discover new ways of supporting your voice, relaxing your body, and offering calmness to your mind and safety to your voice.

My expertise is also focused on voices that other teachers may find “difficult” to work with or the student has been told that they “shouldn’t sing” because they don’t have “the right voice”. Unless there is a voice pathology, I can prove these ideas wrong! It may take much dedication and effort and a long time until you see the results you want but together we will make your dream, to find the true nature of your voice and sing beautifully, come true. Even if you belong to the 1% of people with “tone deafness,” you will still be able to see much improvement!

Hundreds of my clients (many of them, professional singers nowadays) can guarantee your voice improvement!

During the sessions, we will do breathwork, customed-based voice warm-ups, and body warm-ups for the control or release of tension, mindfulness and meditation techniques, ear-voice training, visualization, and Flowcode coaching techniques.

I will support and empower you throughout the process. Together, we will discover what blocks you from singing freely, what keeps you stuck, and the tools and methods that help you overcome mental and voice obstacles.

You will acquire practical tools, and you will feel mentally supported and heard.

NOTE #1: Together, we will work solely with your voice training. Of course, if you ask for my help with some songs or arias, I can certainly give you my help, tips or advice.

NOTE #2: Currently, all sessions are taking place in English and Greek. For future use of Finnish and Swedish, there will be an update on the webpage.


DISCLAIMER: If you suffer from any voice pathology like difficulties producing any sound with your voice, hoarse voice, or difficulties in swallowing and breathing before deciding to enroll in my classes, please consult a doctor or a voice pathologist beforehand! Your situation may need further investigation by a medical professional! I don’t take students with voice pathology!


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send me a message at: +358-406300093