Q&A (in English)


For whom? People 18+, beginners, professionals, actors, journalists, people that use their voice often, teachers, people that want to learn to sing, people with stage anxiety, influencers, chorists, musicians, priests, and whoever wants to feel free to sing!

In which language? Currently in English and Greek. For Finnish and Swedish languages during the sessions please expect an update on this website.

Where? At my space in Viulupolku 1B 17, Kannelmäki 00420, Helsinki. Some services can be online (look at the “Services and Details” section).

Can it be online? Yes, some specific services can be also online but you will need equipment: a laptop, good headphones, and a good microphone.

Do I need to know music? No, it is not a prerequisite.

Besides voice recovery are you a singing coach for beginners? Yes, I am. Ask me more.

Do you teach repertoire? It is not my main domain currently but I am interested to hear more about your needs and maybe I can be helpful.

How am I covered in case of an accident or a health issue that may occur during the session? The instructor is not responsible for any accidents or health issues you may face during the exercises. It is recommended that you don’t exceed your body’s limits and that you have had medical tests and medical advice before starting any exercise or singing/voice program!

In case of my cancellation will I accept any refund? No refund policy.