Services and details


Voice recovery sessions or voice and mental “spa” sessions: Before or after a challenging performance, we will do body warm-ups for singers, body relaxation exercises, soothing “voice-massage” exercises with the piano, and breathwork suitable for singers.

Massive Improvement Voice Training method for voices that had been labeled earlier as “difficult,” “ugly”, “off-tune,” “or indifferent.”. It is a method that I am implementing with my clients who need more confidence in their voice. This method has step-by-step guidance throughout the whole process. The context of the sessions includes body warm-ups, singing breathing exercises, voice warm-ups, vocal exercises with piano accompaniment custom-made according to your needs, vocal “wrapping-up”/total recovery, and consultation/counseling. No need for “homework”! We will do all the work together.

Body tension release with the FlowCode method—online sessions.

About the FlowCode method:

The Science Behind the FlowCode

Get to know the science behind FlowCode. We are connecting the latest neuroscientific research with a unique flow state training technique that joins the flow state science, breathwork, and kinesiology, providing a powerful combination of trigger channels to optimally program the state of flow. Achieve perfect fluidity in every situation! (FlowCode 2023).

Voice and singing lessons for total beginners who want to learn how to sing. It includes body warm-ups, voice warm-ups, and scales with piano accompaniment. No need for “homework”! We will do all the work together. It can be done online as well as in my office (if it is to be done online, you should have a laptop, a good set of headphones, and a proper microphone).

Custom-made voice program according to your needs (for actors, journalists, teachers, speakers, etc.). Counseling, consultation, body warm-ups, and some targeted voice warm-ups according to your needs. You may need to do some “homework” and implement some exercises on your own.

THE SESSIONS CURRENTLY ARE TAKING PLACE IN ENGLISH AND GREEK LANGUAGE. For Finnish and Swedish language sessions please stay tuned for updates!